…I’m closely observing and thinking, What specific feedback does this individual need, right now, to make progress within reach? What strengths does this amazing learner already possess that will support and launch her into that realm of progress? I began to notice during a particular Pilates exercise how Kate was shaping my progress with the same attention to small steps, and immediate needs, that I gave students in my classroom. I started focusing more on my strengths…

Written by Amanda Offord

…Find a teacher who is willing to listen to you and troubleshoot. With a relationship based on trust, you can feel confident asking questions and deciding with your instructor what is right for your body each session.   When you feel confident and aware, you can make improvements that last. A supportive teacher will give you the knowledge you need to feel confident moving your body independently.

Written by Anne Marie deGirolamo

…It’s not sufficient to guide a lesson based on a rule book of right or wrong that treats the body like a sculpture to be shaped without nurturing the soul.  To be clear: teachers are not healers, counselors, or confidants.  There’s something more profound at play during a lesson in that we hold the space for another’s self-discovery in their ability to move with vitality.

My story about learning to teach from the heart unfolds with a loss.

Written by Kate, owner of Crescent Trail Pilates