Happy Clients


"I have done Pilates for over 15 years. At 69, I credit my work in Pilates for keeping me strong and limber.  In 2016, I moved and began taking classes with Kate. She is an exceptional Pilates instructor, the best instructor I have ever worked with.  She is warm and upbeat, and manages to be both encouraging and demanding.  Her cues are precise and clear; she finds the words to guide her students to more effective form.  Her understanding of the human body allows her to adjust her guidance for clients who have specific needs or injuries. In short, she’s amazing!"

- Anne P.

"Kate is a teacher who truly cares about the health and well-being of her clients, someone whose kindness comes through not only in her teaching but in the way she relates to her students. When I injured my back and later hurt hurt my hand and couldn't practice Pilates for about a month after each incident, Kate took the time to email me a list of exercises I could do at home while recovering -- including links to videos showing me the proper sequence and form of the exercises. It's not something I asked her do or in any way expected her to do; she did it voluntarily, because my health mattered to her. And that's who she is as a Pilates instructor. Boston has lost a wonderful teacher, and Rochester has gained one."

- Eric A.

"I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Kate at my local Pilates studio, she is one of the best instructors I have ever encountered.   She makes each and every student feel wonderful about themselves whether she is instructing you privately or in a group.  Kate exudes kindness and knowledge with every student.  If you are fortunate enough to work with her your gain is my loss because she has moved out of state.  I wish her nothing but success and happiness in her new studio." 

- Barbara N. 

"I am sad that Kate left our studio in Massachusetts!  As my Pilates teacher for the past couple of years, she was always knowledgeable, encouraging, serious, and gentle, carefully guiding me through exercises which were as restorative or demanding as I requested. Kate always explained the details of the movements so I could understand them and do them more effectively.  I hope to visit Kate's new studio in Rochester someday!"

— Caroline H.

 "Kate is a wonderful Pilates instructor - clear, thoughtful and precise in her explanations. She clearly cares for each student and is aware of any modifications to an exercise that might be needed. Kate's gentle and warm style makes every class an inviting treat."

- Lora F. 

"Boston’s loss is NY’s gain! Kate’s patience and professionalism - and her clear and articulate anatomical cueing - make her a wonderful Pilates teacher for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike!"

- Ann H.

"I have been practicing classical Pilates for 18 years and can recommend Kate as one of the best instructors I have had. Her positive and encouraging manner along with her careful attention to detail and each individual body make her an excellent teacher.  She has a wide knowledge of different equipment and uses that to keep class interesting but always focused. Her clear and precise explanations of movement are valuable in introducing Pilates to a beginning student or fine tuning for an advanced student like me. She is a pleasure to work with! " 

— Betsy R.

"I was looking for an appealing exercise that would help build strength, flexibility, and balance.  Kate was really my mentor from the beginning – She helped build my exercises as I became stronger and my balance better.  Kate has been a wonderful guide for me.  I have gained strength, mobility, focus and flexibility – such a meaningful achievement for me.  Also I have come to view Pilates with an amazing reverence.  I have found it a peaceful focused way to begin the day.  For me Pilates is challenging, and so well suited to my goals.   I am so grateful to Kate for her approachability, her encouragement and her shared joy and shared commitment to Pilates.  Thanks to Kate, I have found an activity that I love and that is clearly good for me. "

- Lydia C.

"Kate Wheeler has been my Pilates teacher and trainer for the past 2 years at Every Body Pilates in Belmont, MA. She is a wonderful, knowledgeable teacher and trainer!  Her acute assessment skills and insights, her recognition of exercises and exercise level called for on any given day, and her sympathetic but firm responses to one’s requests for greater or lower physical demands are well-thought-out.  Working with Kate is fun and lively, and encouraging and rewarding. I have seen her working with male and female clients of a variety of ages, all of whom appear to be responding and enjoying their session.  I highly recommend her and expect her to direct an excellent program and studio."

- Adrianne E. Rogers (MD)

I began Pilates training in 2002 with Eugenia. She ran a Saturday class that I took faithfully for many years. I was always disappointed if she wasn’t teaching on a specific Saturday, as were many of my friends in class. Eugenia helped us learn the basics of mat training and did so very gently.  She was always very supportive. I’m by no means an athlete and really need corrections from an instructor - yet Eugenia corrected me constructively and sweetly, never making me feel inadequate. Her personality shines through her teaching and you’ll see she’s probably one of the nicest, most caring, helpful and understanding people around.

When Eugenia moved to St. Martin, I continued with two or three other teachers, none as good as Eugenia. Eventually, I stopped going to Pilates. I continued with weight training and in early 2014, I hurt my back during a session on the weight machines.  As I was visiting my chiropractor/physical therapist, he suggested that I try Pilates - and he recommended Eugenia - I didn’t know that she had moved back to the area! I gave her a call and have done private sessions with her twice a week since.  She’s more knowledgeable than ever. She is still warm, welcoming and makes each session new and different. I’m doing things I never thought I could because of her support. Many of the Pilates moves are a little scary in the beginning, but Eugenia works with me to reduce my fear and build confidence that I’m doing it right!  My posture has improved incredibly and I definitely feel the benefits of continuous Pilates training.

One of the best decisions you will ever make is to work with Eugenia. I could go on and on about all of her wonderful qualities for pages, but trust me- you’ll be very happy if you are able to work with her.

- Wendy A.

I was very fortunate to have Eugenia as my first Pilates instructor in St. Martin. She focuses on form and technique, always encouraging correct alignment, posture and core strength. Over time I noticed the benefits: my body shape changed and the lower back pain that plagued me disappeared. I always looked forward to Eugenia's Pilates class. She is such a gem! Having lived in European countries, I can without doubt say that Eugenia remains my No. 1 instructor. I would go back to her class in a heartbeat.

 - Anne H.

“Eugenia changed my life!  I met Eugenia at a very difficult time in my life.  I was new Mom with a colic baby and in so pain I could barely walk.  It took months and several doctor appointments for me to diagnosed with a labral tear in my hip.  My orthopedic surgeon told me that while surgery was an option the recovery would be about a year and at my age this would not necessarily mean I would avoid a total hip replacement in the future.  As a very active 32 year old, I was devastated...how was I going to take care of my baby, maintain my lifestyle?  My surgeon told me I should try Pilates.  I had never taken Pilates and knew nothing about it, but I was willing to try anything.  

I started working Eugenia three times a week doing mat Pilates.  She cared just as much about my injury as I did, maybe even more.  She became my biggest cheerleader, wanting me to feel better and to start to regain strength in my hip and all the surrounding muscles...and that is exactly what happened.  It was truly life changing for me!  Slowly I started to feel better, the pain started to dissipate, I started to feel stronger, my body started to change and then it happened...one day I woke up and I was pain free!  My whole attitude towards life changed, I felt like I could enjoy my life again.  

Three years later, I am still pain free, still practicing Pilates, both mat and apparatus and enjoying every minute of it all.  Eugenia is a gifted woman who has touched my life in so many ways, she is more than just a Pilates instructor, she has become a very dear friend.”

- Kristen M.