Lessons are held at our 13 N. Main Street storefront in Fairport or by request in Kate’s private Solarium in Egypt Hills.

$35 Introductory & Assessment lesson || $135 Introductory 3-pack

The Introductory lesson is separate from the Introductory package.

Introductory Lessons build skills and strength based on key movement principles.  We’ll work with you to identify structural, muscular, and movement patterns, creating an exercise program that encourages steady improvement.  You'll gain a basic understanding of the Pilates principles and become familiar with exercises on the Reformer, Mat, Chair and Cadillac. At your first lesson, we'll discuss your goals, movement limitations, and any challenges you face as a result of injury or illness.* Intro 3-packs expire 6 weeks from purchase.

* To ensure your success, comfort, and safety, new clients recovering from surgery or illness should consult their Physician and/or Physical Therapist to receive clearance for exercise.



Build strength with attention, autonomy, and teamwork. We teach small, 55 minute classes of 5 people max.  Enjoy personalized attention, headspace to focus, and laughter of close classmates.

NEW CLIENT SPECIAL! Your first class is FREE! Use code FIRSTFREE at checkout.

CONNECT CLASSES: Open level, 55 min

Connect classes are designed to satisfy and challenge all fitness levels.  You’ll focus on workouts using an individual piece of equipment: the reformer, tower, chair or mat.  We encourage anyone new to Classical Pilates to attend an Intro Private lesson prior to hopping into a Connect class.

CIRCUIT CLASSES : Experience recommended, 55 min.

Circuit Classes include two teachers and eight classmates for a round-robin workout. Class includes a warm-up and cool-down on the mat and a regime of exercises on all pieces of equipment. Participants are split into groups for part of the class and work as a team for the rest.


  • $28 - Single Core & Connect Class

  • $20 - Single Circuit Class (limited schedule)

  • $160 - Core Connect 6-pack, 2 month expiration

  • $300 - Core Connect 12-pack, 14-week expiration

CORE CLASSES: Leveled, 55 min  

Core classes are organized by level and use every piece of equipment.  Classmates have similar experience and progress together. You’ll gain an understanding of the Pilates method and how work on the reformer, mat, chair and tower is linked.  New to Pilates? Join one of the many Core I classes.



with Eugenia

  • $70 - single, 55 min

  • $390 - 6-pack

Duets with Eugenia

  • $35 per-person, 55 min

  • $195 per person 6-pack

with Kate or Kristen

  • $60 - single, 55 min

  • $330 - 6-pack

Duets with Kate or Kristen

  • $30 per-person, 55 min

  • $165 per person 6-pack

Private + Duet Lessons allow for long-term gains like improved posture, increased muscle strength and tone, better body awareness, and a decrease in pain. You can make Pilates a habit and gain strength at a pace appropriate for you.  We help each client shift their goals as the body transforms and exercises progress.  We’ll design routines you can take home and help you create better movement habits during daily activities. Privates can be arranged at CTP Fairport Village, or at the private solarium. Lesson and duet 6-packs expire 90 days from purchase.

* Duets are coordinated at a standing time for both participants. Looking for a duet partner? Email us at



Self-Guided Workouts are available to clients who’ve completed the Introductory Package and at least one 6-pack of privates. The initial sessions help us create an appropriate workout plan.  Continued, intermittent privates are required so you can progress safely with attention and support. Self-Guided workouts are 55 minutes and supervised. You can move at your own pace, manage the equipment and choose from a variety of exercises within the Pilates Method.  A self-guided practice is key to establishing awareness, flowing movement, and a great way to begin enjoying the rigors of a Pilates practice with your inner voice as the guide.


  • $20 - 55 min

By request:


  • Main Studio: 13 N. Main Street, Fairport Village

    We’re directly left of the Royal Cafe in the white storefront. Parking is available in the municipal lots behind Riki’s Family Restaurant and next to Fairport B-Side on Lift Bridge Lane E., as well as along the street.

  • Private Studio: Egypt Hills of Fairport, exact location available by request.

    Crescent Trail Pilates’ founding space is located in Egypt Hills off Route 31. The space is private and doesn’t accommodate groups. Clients seeking the quiet of nature during private lessons will enjoy the space, located 10 minutes south of Fairport Village. Email for inquiries about lessons here. Directions are available by request and provided at the time of booking.