Celebrate spring with new adventures in Pilates!

I'm thrilled to announce the official opening of Crescent Trail Pilates, located in the Egypt Hills of Fairport.  My husband and I relocated from Boston at the beginning of February.  It's been a stressful transition, but one thing remains constant: my identity as a teacher.  I love helping my clients make valuable connections to their bodies, and it brings me joy to watch people grow confidence not only in their physique but their psyche!  If you haven't already, please join me for a lesson - I look forward to meeting you. 

Thank you for your curiosity and support!

 The last two weeks I've been bowled over by the enthusiasm and warmth from my new clients. We've had engaging conversations about digging deeper into a movement practice to create awareness of existing movement habits and healthful changes to breathing, resting, and "me" time - things I often neglect myself.  

Yesterday morning, after a long week of admin work in the studio, I received this message from one of my clients, and it made my day:

“I’m finding that I’m noticing more about how my body is moving than I’ve ever noticed. So much more body aware and it feels awesome - so thank you!”

It feels so, so good to be sharing time with my clients during lessons and witnessing how encouraged they are by their Pilates practice.  I can't wait for next week's sessions, and to welcome more new faces to the studio!

If you have any questions about starting at Crescent Trail Pilates, I am always available to chat.  Feel free to reach out via phone at (585) 678-6919, or email me at Kate@CrescentTrailPilates.com.

I wish you all the best in health,
Kate Wheeler, owner of Crescent Trail Pilates

Footnotes:  Explore Pilates & Movement Science

Are you wondering what people actually mean when they say they "do Pilates?"  Its namesake,  Joseph H. Pilates, began creating his system of exercise during WWI.

You've been hearing about Pilates for a while.  All the buzz surrounding it includes building a stronger core, supple spine, and toned muscles.  I've witness those changes in many individuals, but most importantly, I've seen how Pilates can result in the ability to temper stress and pain.  As intended by its creator, Joseph Pilates, the work can make people happy and more confident than ever.  Pilates actually named his Method "Contrology" for its ability to grant the practitioner better control over mind, body, and spirit. To learn a little more about the fascinating history of Pilates and see a full Reformer workout in action, click here.

Read & Listen

I've been learning so much from reading and listening to bio-mechanist Katy Bowman.  Author of several books including my recent favorite, Movement Matters, she has a knack for explaining movement in a way that's accessible and that motivates positive changes to our habits (like getting outside more often!).  She also has a very entertaining podcast where she discusses mind-blowing facts and simple exercises to inspire us to move better and more often.  Happy reading and listening!

Portraits of Crescent Trail Pilates

Portraits of Crescent Trail Pilates