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No matter your background or level of fitness, we offer you a place to experience the wonder and fulfillment that healthy, happy movement provides. We’re dedicated to helping our clients build strength, resilience, confidence and focus.


Kate Wheeler, NCPT, Owner & Studio Founder

Like many of you, I started Pilates because I wanted to change circumstances that prevented me from feeling my healthiest. I wanted to build strength and reduce chronic pain wrought from dance overuse injuries, major abdominal surgery, and a suddenly sedentary lifestyle. About 10-years into a successful arts leadership career in Boston, despite a high level of fitness, I felt restricted in my mind and body. I found a local Pilates studio and from that point forward I was hooked.


I’d experienced some Pilates as a teen at The Pilates Center of Rochester. As a young dancer with overuse injuries and low self-esteem, the feelings of confidence and strength that Pilates gave me were pivotal. In 2015, when I left my career to pursue my Advanced Teaching Certification with The Pilates Center, I was devoted to helping others experience the same evolution.

The Pilates Center’s certification program is hailed for its rigor and focus on helping each teacher develop a distinct guiding voice. Throughout my apprenticeship, colleagues and clients challenged me to see movement as a reflection of the entire individual. My training demanded that I understood not just the movements of the method and their anatomical basis, but also how to create a learning environment where clients would thrive emotionally. It was bittersweet when I left my friends at Every Body Pilates to move back to Rochester in February, 2018. I’m thrilled to be part of a growing Pilates community in Western New York and I’m honored to carry forward the TPC mission of healing others through Pilates.

I’m a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT). My mentors include Deb Kolwey, Kirstin deFrees, Anne Marie deGirolamo, the Taylor Sisters of TPC, and many generous colleagues in the industry.   You may see me around Rochester at different studios; I love taking classes with other teachers! When I’m not in the studio, you’ll find me painting or hiking the Crescent Trail with my husband and rescue mutt Maddie.

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Eugenia Richardson, NCPT, Senior Instructor


Eugenia has been immersed in Pilates since starting her practice in 1999. She’d been encouraged to try Pilates by her chiropractor after seeking treatment for back and hip injuries sustained from teaching aerobics. Her body felt so wonderfully pain-free after her first lesson that she immediately felt a calling to teach. Eugenia honors and shares her knowledge with humility and hopes to help every client feel the same rejuvenation she received from Pilates. She teaches from the lens of her own inspired practice.

Eugenia’s studies began with Jennifer Kries in NYC and continued at the Physical Mind Institute. She received her Comprehensive Certification in 2005 from Body Precision of Bryn Mawr, PA, a studio founded by a graduate of The Pilates Center. She supports clients who are ready to journey forth and recover from conditions including back and neck pain, knee and hip replacements, breast cancer and stroke.

Eugenia’s Pilates adventures include a 6-year residency teaching Pilates in the Caribbean. She achieved her dream of owning a studio on the Island of St. Martin, teaching locals, international visitors, and celebrities such as Tyra Banks, Salma Hayek and Allegra Versace. She returned to Rochester in 2011 to be near family, continuing her practice at Pilates Plus and most recently Anju. Eugenia frequently participates in continuing education workshops, cultivating her teaching skills to reach clients to the best of her ability. Her recent coursework includes workshops presented by Cara Reeser, Kevin Bowen and Amy Taylor Alpers. Other coursework includes studies on Pilates for osteoporosis, golf, barre fitness, and post-rehab support.

Eugenia grew up in Webster, NY and received a BA in Philosophy from Nazareth College of Rochester. Her pre-Pilates career included over thirty years in customer service and project management at Citibank and Frontier. Eugenia enjoys spending time with her 4 grandchildren, practicing Pilates, Yoga, and walking. Teaching Pilates is her way of passing on its healing gift to others.

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Kristen Mancuso, CPT, Instructor

Eugenia & Kristen work together on advanced reformer.

Eugenia & Kristen work together on advanced reformer.

A powerhouse Pilates athlete, Kristen takes meticulous care of everyone she teaches. She specializes in pre and post-natal Pilates and has a great eye for training athletes of all backgrounds to move with precision and power. A foray into Pilates in 2015 changed her life and she's inspired to pay the experience forward. After sustaining a hip labral tear during the birth of her son, Kristen met Eugenia and began taking lessons to recover from the injury. She says of getting hooked, “That was it for me; Pilates not only helped me avoid surgery, I also noticed my pain slowly starting to go away, until one day, it was gone.” With the support of her family and from Eugenia, all while caring for her son full-time, Kristen successfully completed her Pilates certifications. She received her initial Mat certification through The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles and went on to complete her Comprehensive certification through Classical Pilates Education in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she continues as a mentee. She's been a member of the teaching staff at both Midtown Athletic Club and M/Body, instructing Pilates and group fitness classes.

Kristen's relationship with our supportive Rochester wellness community began long before she found Pilates, and the camaraderie helped her strike a work-life balance. She enjoyed a successful but demanding 12-year career in the insurance industry, climbing the ranks with her degree in Corporate Finance. Kristen says, "It was through the amazing fitness community in Rochester that I lost 65lbs and learned to create a balanced lifestyle that included indulgence in moderation.” She enliven others and continues building community and camaraderie through her teaching, imparting the healing gifts of her practice to others.

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